Proud School Website Network Advertiser

schoolAdNetwork’s founders have 20 years of experience with establishing multi-billion-dollar in-store shopping / school fundraising partnerships between Fortune 500 Companies and local K-12 Schools.

● Drove Billions in offline in-store sales tracked to Millions in fundraising for almost 100k schools

● Leaders of over 50,000 enrolled K-12 schools & directly influenced millions of parents & teachers to shop.

● Local K-12 influencers monetized their school fundraising initiatives by driving landmark performance to advertisers who realized significant consumer response lift, customer acquisition/retention, and per-transaction sales rates

While executing these offline target advertising school fundraising partnerships, schoolADNetwork’s founders discovered that K-12 districts and schools were increasingly deploying and operating their own websites, collectively receiving “off the charts” traffic nationwide. So, the schoolADNetwork mission began…

● Establish schoolADNetwork to leverage its experience to this untapped area.

● Perform deep research of K-12 website segment, monitoring volume and growth.

● Allocate technical resources to development of technology platform (simple rectangular website plug-in) allowing advertisers to sponsor K-12 websites with ads that directly reach the school family & teacher target audience, subsequently triggering corresponding financial support for local education.

● Market test the schoolADNetwork platform by integrating websites operated by a beta group of schools from our K-12 participant database with an initial group of retail sponsors on a shopping performance commission basis.

● After the success of the above, deployed a nationwide School Support Field Team to roll out a re-activation of our K-12 participant database (starting in Florida), and concurrently start offering school website network advertising to U.S. focused digital advertisers seeking more efficient and results-oriented ways to reach the families-with-kids audience.


To date, schoolADNetwork educational institution partners have added our sponsor widget to their webpages reaching an audience of over 2 million school parents from over 2,500 schools spanning 29 states, drawing traffic from consumers nationwide, with our database having tracked close to 5 million computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The vast majority of this activity comes from Florida where schoolADNetwork was initially piloted.

Based on where sponsors want to direct their display advertising, schoolADNetwork secures opt-in permission from each school system, reactivating them from its K-12 participant database of over 50,000 schools and 14,000 school districts nationwide. schoolADNetwork’s current coverage profile is…

Three of the 10 largest U.S. school districts were reactivated and added live schoolADNetwork widgets on their websites, all of which consider schoolADNetwork a slam-dunk partnership opportunity for local educators in collaboration with national and regional advertisers.

● Live schoolADNetwork widgets have received as many as 15 Million monthly views, delivering over 500 Million ad impressions.

● To pave the way for extended reach opportunities to this premium target audience across the web, over ten million user device cookies have been collected with full ad retargeting rights available. This expands each schoolADNetwork advertiser’s reach and contact frequency by a factor.

The schoolADNetwork technology and market offering are fine-tuned with audience reach and coverage capacity fit to meet the objectives of digital advertisers who desire to engage with U.S. school families. Sponsors enjoy exclusive SOV with the endorsement of local educators in a socially responsible manner that makes each sponsor a local hero of education.