Premium Target Audience

In addition to reaching captive audiences of loyal school families, your brand and message will be energized via many other unique, built-in benefits…

✔ Exclusivity with 100% Categorical SOV and no big tech ad clutter

✔ The public endorsement of local educational leaders

✔ Co-branding with local schools by name through their websites

✔ Loyalty and gratitude from parents and teachers who value and appreciate sponsors supporting the futures of young students

✔ Hyper-local, high frequency exposure of brands and their messages to this consumer segment year-round

✔ Direct, target reach to an audience with above average household spending tendencies

✔ A priceless demonstration of corporate social responsibility at the community level, nationwide

Excited kids running holding boxes, family moving in new house
Market of
Over 109 Million
50%+ Higher
Annual Household
8 Minute Average Website Visit
Average Household Income
People per Household
Average Age Range
Caucasion 60%
African American 13%
Hispanic 18%
Asian American 6%
45% Male
55% Female
4 +