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Proud School Website Network Advertiser

U.S. K-12 schools are permanently established pillars within their communities. Since the advent of the internet, local educational institutions are facilitating tens of millions of school families and educators daily through their school websites. schoolADNetwork has deployed a proven, innovative method of networking these school websites, uniquely connecting the U.S. digital advertising industry with them. All ads directly reach this coveted target audience hyper-locally, guaranteed.

schoolADNetwork can guarantee U.S. digital advertisers direct access to this premium “parents with children” segment because local educational institution websites are operated by schools, districts, and PTAs nationwide, and are trusted and relied upon by moms, dads, teachers, and school family relatives. Engaging with this loyal audience means good business for advertisers, and they also reap the benefits of demonstrating good will within communities nationwide. All ad spends provide educational funding, therefore demonstrating corporate social responsibility locally with the public endorsement of educators year-round, 24/7.

Your message doesn’t get lost in ad clutter. Big tech ad platforms aren’t allowed on school websites due to privacy and ad integrity non-compliance.

Our proprietary schoolADNetwork platform and technology are centered around a custom ad widget that local educational institutions add to their homepages, and throughout their websites. Our widget displays ads that, in turn monetize thse highly/loyally trafficked school websites.

If you’re a digital advertiser who wants to reach this target audience, we look forward to collaborating with you on uniquely energizing your brand and message through schoolADNetwork.